ENHYPEN Reveals The Bold Hair Colors They Want To Try And Their Favorite Looks So Far

They have some daring choices!

Recently, ENHYPEN revealed all of the unique hair colors they hope to try in the future, as well as their current favorite looks.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Many of the boys agreed that Ni-ki and Jay suit blonde hair which they both sported during ENHYPEN’s debut era.

On himself, Ni-ki liked his recent purple look, but the others had some other bright, fun colors in mind for him to try.

I think Ni-ki would look good in pink.

— Heeseung

They also agreed that Jake looks good in dark hair colors. However, he revealed he never tried any other color than brown!

Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Jake all revealed they want to try a bright and bold color soon…

…while Heeseung hopes to try gray! Fans can already imagine the visual beauty of these new hair colors in the edited photos below.

Fan-edited photo | @YoongiCoolYES/Twitter

Which hair colors are you hoping to see the members try?

Fan-edited photo | @wooni8_/Twitter
Fan-edited photo | @grapeyki/Twitter

Watch ENHYPEN explain all of the looks they want to try below!