ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Opens Up About Overcoming Anxiety And Growing In Confidence

A lot changed in one year.

One year could be long or short depending on the person. For ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung, the difference between who he was a year ago and who he is now is like night and day.


Weverse Magazine broached the topic when they asked about a comment he made in ENHYPEN’s recent “To Myself 1 Year From Now From. 2020” video where he said, “I was really different from how I am now.”

You seem to have grown up and changed a lot, just like Andy did. When you saw the video of yourself from a year ago in ‘To Myself 1 Year From Now From. 2020’ as part of ENniversary, you said, ‘I was really different from how I am now.’

— Weverse Magazine

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Heeseung explained that a lot changed in one year. He had experienced a period of anxiety because of his work. Nowadays, however, he is more confident about it and trusts himself more. His life is noticeably more stable now.

It’s hard to express just how much I changed. Doesn’t it seem like it? (laughs) Things are much more stable now. To be honest, everybody experiences periods of anxiety. For me, that period was a year ago, but these days I feel a lot more confident about my work, and I feel reassured about myself when it comes to doing my work.

— Heeseung

Once, when he was performing on stage, he realized that he is allowed to let himself feel confident. There was no turning back since then! He’s grown a lot, and he is proud of the changes that took place within him in the past year.

I still need more experience, but when I was on stage, I thought, ‘Oh—it’s okay to let myself feel confident.’ I feel like I’ve grown a lot, in a lot of different ways.

— Heeseung

Apart from discussing his growth, Heeseung also shared what he thinks of people who do not like him. Read his answer in the article below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine