ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is Aware Of Hate Comments About Him, Here’s What He Thinks Of Them

“I found out there are people who’ll like you and people who won’t.”

For K-Pop idols, one of the most difficult parts of the job is receiving backlash from people online. In an interview with Weverse MagazineENHYPEN‘s Heeseung talked about his experience confronting negative comments for the first time as a newly debuted idol.

He was asked, “Looking back now, what do you think of one-year-ago HEESEUNG?

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Heeseung described himself from a year ago as “fragile.” It was the first time he went under the scrutiny of the media and was exposed to the world. He quickly realized that there are people who like and do not like him.

I was definitely having a really hard time a year ago. I didn’t know anything, and I was young, and it was my first time in the media, and I was fragile. But I had a lot of experiences and was exposed to the world, and I found out there are people who’ll like you and people who won’t.

— Heeseung

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He isn’t immune from feeling intimidated by hate thrown at him. However, he came to understand that allowing himself to feel that way makes him vulnerable to unhappiness and distractions.

But I’m okay with that now. If I feel intimidated by people’s negative views, I feel even more down in the dumps. I can’t even do what I normally could.

— Heeseung

At the end of the day, he strives to move on from the negative views of others and instead be more confident in his work.

No matter what opinions I encounter, I think it’s good to just realize some people think that way and move on and be even more confident when I show off the things I’ve worked on.

— Heeseung

Heeseung can definitely be proud of how far he’s come since debut!

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Source: Weverse Magazine