ENHYPEN Heeseung’s Reaction To A Fan Handing Him A Photocard Of BTS’s Jungkook Goes Viral

“Dude was halfway up to strike…”

ENHYPEN member Heeseung recently gained netizens’ attention after a video of him signing a photocard of BTS’s Jungkook went viral.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
BTS”s Jungkook | Weverse

Currently, ENHYPEN is on the U.S. leg of their FATE world tour. It kicked off on October 6 in Los Angeles, California, and the group has already garnered explosive reactions from fans who attended the show.

One of the fun parts of ENHYPEN’s concerts is something called the “send-off.” Basically, the members come out at the end of the show and interact personally with a select few fans who hold a VIP-equivalent ticket.

After the LA concert, fans posted videos taken during the send-off where the singers interacted with them casually as they signed autographs and took photos. All of the ENHYPEN members charmed the audience with their humble and attentive demeanor.

But the particular video of Heeseung that has gained special attention is from a Twitter user who mentioned in the caption that the singer was signing an autograph for their friend. However, at that moment, OP’s (original poster) friend didn’t have anything besides a photocard of Jungkook to get the autograph. Heesung took the card without much thinking, but while signing, he noticed it was Jungkook’s face on it.

Surprised, he looked up at the fan with a smiling approval and put his fist to his chest as if swearing his never-ending loyalty to Jungkook.

Apart from being BTS’s junior labelmates at HYBE, the ENHYPEN members are also avid fans of the group. Multiple of the members have often named BTS as their musical inspiration and the reason behind their wanting to become idols. Heeseung, in particular, is known for being a Jungkook fanboy. He has mentioned on multiple occasions how much he looks up to him.

So, while his reaction to the photocard was hilariously dramatic, it was by no means unexpected. And fans are loving every bit of his unabashed love for Jungkook.

While the topic of fans bringing other groups’ merch at a K-Pop artist’s concert has become a radical one in online spaces, idols like Heeseung are showing admirable grace and encouraging a healthier fan culture.