“The Mic is ON” — ENHYPEN Jake’s Mistake On A Music Show Ended Up Proving His Amazing Live Singing Skills

He ate with no crumbs.

ENHYPEN is known for their amazing performance skills and talent. After all, they were handpicked through the gruelling process of an audition survival program, I-LAND.

As the group makes a comeback with DARK BLOOD, the boys performed their B-Side, “Bills,” on Music Bank. The performance went off without a hitch for the most part, but member Jake made a small mistake with the lyrics.

Instead of “I don’t wanna let you go,” Jake sang “I just wanna let you go.” Although it was a small (and adorable) mistake, fans were quick to reassure him that it was okay and that he did well.

If anything, it only served to prove that the boys don’t lip sync!

Jake really said that his mic was ON.

Catch other instances of his perfect vocals below.