Here’s How ENHYPEN’s And TXT’s Relationship Changed After Their “Legend Of K-Pop” Collaboration, According to Jake

Their “2021 KBS Song Festival” collab was iconic.

ENHYPEN‘s Jake recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he opened up about everything from his late night eating habits to his memorable year-end award show performances.

On the latter, Jake also touched on the group’s relationship with labelmates TXT. They made headlines last December when they both performed a medley of iconic K-Pop songs for the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

It was the first time they performed with their seniors, unsurprisingly making ENHYPEN more worried than usual to give a perfect stage.

It was our first time doing a collaborative performance, so I was nervous and really worried, honestly.

— Jake

Thankfully, TXT was accommodating and friendly. They were even the first to ask for the other group’s phone numbers to keep in touch after the performance.

Still, it was TXT, which was a big relief.

— Jake

Before the 2021 KBS Song Festival, the two groups seldom interacted because of their busy schedules. Though they left each other messages on air and Heeseung was even close to TXT as a long-time BigHit Music trainee, ENHYPEN and TXT still couldn’t find the time to really get to know each other as a whole.

We couldn’t talk to each other much at the company because everyone’s busy, so I really wanted to bond over this.

— Jake

The “Legend of K-Pop” collaboration, however, meant that they were scheduled to practice together before the big day itself. The two were finally able to get closer, and they did so quickly!

I’m really happy we grew close after being together all that time.

— Jake

Check out the full medley performance below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Source: YouTube