ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Names TXT As His New Workout Buddies—Here’s Why He Loves Having Them Around

We love their friendship!

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. He opened up about his work and personal lives in a series of question-and-answers. In one of them, he revealed that contrary to what most people may expect, he did not have many friends while growing up.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

He only became more sociable after joining I-LAND and debuting in ENHYPEN. Besides naming his fellow members as the ones who make him happy, he also pointed out another K-Pop group whom he’s getting closer to.

I used to work out by myself but I have a lot of friends to exercise with now.

— Sunghoon

Fellow labelmates TXT are apparently his current workout buddies! They grew closer after collaborating on the “Legend of K-Pop” stage for the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

I usually work out with my personal trainer or the other members but I became closer with the members of TXT while we were doing the collaborative performance together so now I exercise with them as well.

— Sunghoon

Sunghoon prefers hitting the gym with the members of TXT since they automatically make it more enjoyable.

It’s easy to lose the will to keep going when you work out alone since you can’t find the energy but it’s more fun when we do it together and we end up working harder.

— Sunghoon

Soobin and Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

In a live broadcast, Hueningkai and Soobin confirmed that they befriended ENHYPEN while working together and it was the former who asked to keep in touch.

Hueningkai: Yes, we practiced with them.

Soobin: You also got all the phone numbers of ENHYPEN.

Hueningkai: That’s right! I stuck out my phone and said, “Please put your phone numbers” and they replied, “Oh, of course!”

Based on the current photos released of TXT and ENHYPEN, it’s safe to assume that all eyes would be on them no matter which gym they visit!

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Source: Weverse Magazine
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