ENHYPEN’s Jay, Jungwon, And Sunoo Prove They Have The Most Chaotic Family Dynamic

Jay took his role very seriously.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay, Sunoo and Jungwon have fans feeling soft after showing their wholesome, if chaotic, family dynamic in the latest EN-loG video.

The three members filmed their vlog while spending the day playing water games and doing “family” activities together. As they made their way to Gapyeong, Sunoo couldn’t help joking that Jay seemed to be wearing an amusingly specific look. Jay confirmed that he had a special concept in mind for the day, and that was to play the role of the affectionate and caring uncle.


And sure enough, he stayed true to his word! After they arrived at the vacation house, Jay dutifully went to prepare their food. Sunoo and Jungwon helped a little, but soon they got Jay’s permission to go play in the pool.

Jay continued to work in the kitchen, where Sunoo’s loud screams were still easily audible.

Eventually, the younger members returned to, only to be impressed by the meal that Jay had set out. As they all ate together, Sunoo and Jungwon wholesomely remarked that, even though their other members weren’t there, they felt like they were on a family vacation.

Of course, “Uncle Jay” also had to get it on the pool shenanigans…

…of which he hilariously proved to be the main instigator.

Seeing these interactions between the members have ENGENEs feeling proud of their family-like dynamic.

In fact, the more chaotic, the better!

Watch the full vlog on the link below.