ENHYPEN Joins NCT Dream, MONSTA X, And (G)I-DLE In Lineup For Europe’s First K-Pop Mega Concert

Imagine their airport fits 😎

It was announced today that ENHYPEN will be joining groups like (G)I-DLE, NCT Dream, and MONSTA X in Germany for their first overseas concert since debuting! KPop.Flex is Europe’s first “K-Pop mega concert” and will be held on May 14th of this year at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt.

| @kpop.flex_/Instagram

KPop.Flex’s official website promises 7 K-Pop groups, and a show duration of 5 hours. Tickets are available for purchase via Ticketmaster by seating chart.

Earlier this week, KPop.Flex’s Instagram page uploaded a clue to hint at who their newest addition to their lineup would be.

The post was in the same color way as ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION: DILEMMA album and of course, ENGENEs were quick to guess ENHYPEN with much anticipation!


ENHYPEN was the fourth group to be announced and ENGENEs couldn’t be more excited to see the boys fly out for their first overseas concert!

ENHYPEN’s been busy lately with their first full-length repackage album, DIMENSION: ANSWER that took over both domestic and international music charts. Their title track “Blessed-Cursed” even topped Korean music charts and iTunesTop Song charts in numerous countries, with their B-sides “Polaroid Love” and “Outro: Day 2” doing incredibly well as well.

As the COVID-19 crisis was in full effect when ENHYPEN debuted, we’re sure they’re excited for a chance to perform overseas live and in person for their fans!

| K.PopFlex

What do you think their setlist will be? Fingers crossed we get a “Flicker” performance! K.PopFlex is announcing more groups in the coming days so be on the lookout! Check out more of ENHYPEN’s updates below.

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