ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Receives Praise For Being The “Most Dedicated Idol” — Here’s Why

Other idols can’t compare.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon recently gained attention after a community post praising him went viral. The post garnered over 72,000 views in a matter of hours. Although he’s known for his outstanding vocal talent, stage presence, and cute visuals, this time, netizens were full of praise for him for something entirely different.

A fan noticed that Jungwon had been feeding fans with something new every single day since June. Fans created update charts, filling each day’s space with his update for the day.

Chart for June. | Nate Pann

Without fail, Jungwon has been sending various selfies or photos to fans through the various social media platforms.

Chart for July. | Nate Pann

Fans are well-fed with his daily selfies or Weverse comments and posts.

Chart for August. | Nate Pann

He has been checking in every single day without fail, from June to November 2023.

Chart for September. | Nate Pann

While some idols barely update fans once a month, Jungwon makes sure ENGENEs are full.

Chart for October. | Nate Pann

Netizens have dubbed him a “legendarily filial idol” for this.

Chart for November. | Nate Pann

Jungwon got the praise he deserved.

Netizen comments. | Nate Pann
  • FR, Kitty Jungwon will go down in the idol industry as a legendarily filial idol. The other members are actually on the side of coming to do individual live streams often, but even amongst them, if you check the playback page, Jungwon is occupying most of it.
  • He’s so impressive… But is communicating with fans such a hard thing? You can just invest five to ten minutes… I don’t get the idols who don’t.
  • Wow really, he’s legendarily filial.
  • I’m jealous… My idol comes less than three times per month.
  • I think that it was a good thing I became an ENGENE… My last idols.
  • He’s the idol out of all that I’ve liked so far, that works the hardest to communicate and takes care of fans the best.

He’s truly the best!

Source: Nate Pann