ENHYPEN’s Staff Accused Of Taking Prank Content Too Far

Fans felt members were made uncomfortable.

Many K-Pop idols have participated in pranks in the history of group-made content. These can include having members pretend to fight or be mad at one member like GOT7 have done on more than one occasion.

Sometimes, these pranks are taken too far in the eyes of netizens, like the broken camera prank played on already debt-ridden trainees or when a former DMNT member was “kidnapped” by a crazed fangirl.

Recently, fans of ENHYPEN have accused the group’s staff of taking things too far and leaving members uncomfortable regarding a prank during their content.


ENHYPEN have a content series called EN-O’CLOCK, where the members are filmed doing various things. For episode 77, the staff tell Jungwon he will be doing a prank on the members, with Heeseung acting as a “wingman.”

The prank is centered around Jungwon messing up while fake filming content with the other members, including a moment where he is supposed to faint. The two express a little worry over the content before expressing they believe they can make it work.

Some smaller aspects of the overall prank happen, but one that left fans feeling uncomfortable involved Jungwon “dropping” a mic pack and being “scolded” by Heeseung. Throughout the pranks, Jungwon appears to be worried about being able to pull them off.

The fainting part of the prank did not actually happen, but the fact it was even suggested did not sit well with fans. The members expressed surprise over it.

While explaining the mic pack prank, the members explain that they reacted by not reacting out of consideration. Jungwon says he knew the pranks would not work, so he chose not to pull off the fainting.

In the ending episode, the group talk about why that sort of content wouldn’t work, saying that they’re nice and wouldn’t want to make a situation any worse by “piling” on someone. They also mention “reading the room,” something fans have taken as a comment directed towards the staff for the content of this video.

Fans shared their discomfort with the video, requesting that ENHYPEN not be made to do things they are uncomfortable with, especially the proposed fainting.

Hopefully, fans’ wishes will be met, as the staff included an apology note for “not knowing Jungwon well enough.”

Screencap from the video. | ENHYPEN/YouTube

You can watch the full episode below.