ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Proves His Incredible Professionalism As Leader In A Viral Video

All the members were professional.

ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon has continually proven his care for his members, always looking out for them and ensuring they are being taken care of. Fans are citing a recent video of ENHYPEN practicing for a performance as further proof of why Jungwon is the best leader.

In the clip, Sunoo loses his shoe while dancing and demonstrates his professionalism by not missing a step, despite his missing shoe.

| @tteokbokki_enha/TikTok 

Jungwon ends up in front of the shoe, and fans were impressed with how, as he continued to dance, ENHYPEN’s leader focused on identifying which member had lost his shoe.

| @tteokbokki_enha/TikTok 

Jungwon even picks up the shoe, still dancing, as he tries to find the owner.

| @tteokbokki_enha/TikTok 

When Jungwon realizes that Sunoo is the one missing a shoe, he makes sure to drop the shoe in front of Sunoo without neglecting the choreography.

| @tteokbokki_enha/TikTok 

And Sunoo further shows his professionalism by managing to put his shoe back on while still dancing.

| @tteokbokki_enha/TikTok 

Fans are joking that Sunoo became Cinderella by losing his shoe.

And are admiring both Sunoo and Jungwon for their professionalism. Even though it was just a practice, the members showed their commitment to even their rehearsals.


You can watch the full video here.


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