ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Goes Viral For His Interaction With Sunghoon’s Parents

He wasn’t the only member who interacted with them.

Not only did ENHYPEN interact with fans on day one of their FATE world tour in Seoul, but they also showered their families with affection. Sunghoon couldn’t help giving his parents a high-five when he spotted them in the audience. He wasn’t the only one, either.

A heartwarming moment between Jungwon and Sunghoon’s parents quickly went viral.

Jungwon and Sunghoon.

As Jungwon walked through the audience to interact with ENGENEs, he spotted Sunghoon’s parents. While Sunghoon’s mom and dad wore the happiest smiles, Jungwon high-fived both of them.

Between their cute interaction and warm smiles, thousands of fans gushed about the moment being “so adorable.

Jungwon wasn’t the only member to melt hearts, either. Ni-Ki was also seen giving high-fives to Sunghoon’s parents while Sunoo politely greeted them.

The members are just as supportive of their parents as they are of them.

Source: Twitter