ENHYPEN Proves They’re The Most Popular 4th Gen K-Pop Group In Japan By Breaking A New Record

It has only been two years since they debuted!

ENHYPEN has been one of the most successful fourth-generation K-Pop groups in Japan for quite a while, and now they can take the title of holding the most certifications from RIAJ of any fourth gen group!


RIAJ certifications work similarly to Circle Chart, though their labelling system is a little bit different. In order to earn a certification, an album or song must reach the following sales numbers to earn the respective certification.

RIAJ certification thresholds | Wikipedia

While there are plenty of K-Pop songs and albums that have earned RIAJ certifications over the years, it’s still an accomplishment to earn such an award in a foreign country, and thus worth celebrating.

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That’s why it’s incredibly impressive that ENHYPEN is not only the fourth-generation K-Pop artist with the most RIAJ certifications, but they’re also the only K-Pop artist to have all of their albums (both Korean and Japanese) to be certified in RIAJ history!

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

This achievement comes after their recent first full-length Japanese album, SADAME, became platinum certified after its release on October 26 for surpassing 250,000 sales in Japan. With this certification, they surpassed the previous most-certified fourth generation artist, TXT.

| HYBE Labels

At this time, all five of TXT’s Korean-language albums — Border: Day 1Border: CarnivalDimension: DilemmaDimension: Answer, and Manifesto: Day 1, have earned gold certifications for surpassing 100,000 sales.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Along with this, their first Japanese single album, Border: Senkou, has earned a platinum certification for reaching 250,000 sales, and their second Japanese single, Dimension: Senkou, has earned a double platinum certification for surpassing 500,000 sales in Japan.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Congratulations to ENHYPEN for this impressive achievement!


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