ENHYPEN Ni-Ki’s Confusion During A Live Stream Shows An Unexpected Challenge For Multinational Groups

It’s totally understandable!

ENHYPEN are one of K-Pop’s leading fourth-generation groups, with a popularity that has only grown since their debut.

There are many things to love about the group, from their talents and skills…

…to their thoughtful actions towards fans…

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Gains Attention For His Unexpected Actions Towards A Fan At Their Concert

…and so much more!

One thing that many fans appreciate about ENHYPEN is that they are multi-national. Four group members are Korean-born and raised; Ni-Ki is from Japan; Jake is an Aussie idol; and Jay is from America.

(left to right) Jay, Jake and Ni-ki | Weverse

However, there seems to be one “downside” to this, as recently shown by Ni-Ki during a recent livestream!

As previously said, the group always tries to speak to fans in multiple languages, including English. Ni-Ki himself has impressed many with his English skills at previous events.

During a live stream on February 9, Ni-Ki worked hard to speak to fans in English, using a translation service to aid him.

During one portion of the live, a fan said they loved his English, to which Ni-Ki reacted with some surprise.

The idol then began to say that he couldn’t speak English but was puzzled over the pronunciation of “can’t.” Ni-Ki first said it with an “American” accent, then repeated it with a more Australian-sounding accent (caun’t).

He then said he wasn’t sure which was the “correct” way to say the word.

Many accounted this to Ni-Ki hearing the word pronounced both ways by Jake and Jay and taking in both of their different accents. This wouldn’t be the first time, as Heeseung previously did something similar in a live last year.

Fans found the “accent osmosis” to be cute and funny and hadn’t considered this “challenge” that non-native English speakers may face.

We are grateful for any accent or language Ni-ki speaks to us in!