ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Gains Attention For Being A Perfect Gentleman At Prada Fashion Show In Milan — And For His Stunning Model-Like Visuals

“A non-fan would think Ni-Ki’s an actual model…”

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki is known as one of the leading visuals of his generation, and he is once again proving why…gaining praise for his gentleman-like actions along the way.


ENHYPEN were invited to attend Prada‘s Fall Winter 23 Menswear Fashion Show in Milan, where they proved to be one of the major highlights of the event.

Ni-Ki gained plenty of attention for his perfect gentlemanly behavior. He made sure to look out for his members…

…and then melted hearts with his “manner hands” when meeting Miuccia Prada.

He also did not hesitate to help translate for Japanese actor and model Kentaro Sakaguchi.

But it wasn’t just his personality that had everyone charmed. All the members gained praise as they showed off their unique visuals.

With his long hair, Ni-Ki proved to be a true head-turner…

And with his Prada sunglasses to top off his sharp fit, Ni-Ki looked like the star of the show.

In fact, fans had to point out that Ni-Ki looked practically ready to walk the runway himself…

…as he had fans shook with his charisma even just by walking outside.

ENGENE are now hoping to see him as a model soon!

ENHYPEN definitely made their mark on the industry by attending this show, so hopefully, ENGENE will be able to see them shine at many more such events!

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ENHYPEN Attend Prada Fashion Show In Milan — And Turn Into The Main Event


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