ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki And Jake Break Down In Tears At Concert

They both couldn’t hold back tears when speaking about their families.

ENHYPEN recently held their first offline concert EN-CONNECT : COMPANION and tugged on fans’ heartstrings when Ni-Ki and Jake broke down in tears when speaking about their families.


After Jake thanked fans, he took a moment to thank his late grandmother. Knowing how much she’d supported and enjoyed ENHYPEN, Jake became so emotional that he couldn’t hold back tears.

Thank you so much, ENGENEs… and to my grandmother watching over me in heaven, I miss you… and thank you.

— Jake

Seeing Jake so distressed, the members sat by his side, holding him close in his time of need while the emotions ran their course. There was another member who also needed their support.

Being the youngest member and living away from his family in Japan, Ni-Ki opened up about how much he’d missed them but didn’t want to bother the other members by sharing how much he wanted to see his family.

There have been days I missed my family so much but because of how things are right now, I’m not able to see them. I tried to hide it from the members but standing in front of ENGENEs, I realize how terribly I miss my family.

I honestly can’t wait to get to see my parents again. Thank you, mom and dad, for bringing me into this world.

— Ni-Ki

After finally sharing his thoughts, Ni-Ki broke down in tears as well, with Sunghoon quickly wrapping an arm around him in comfort.

Since fellow member Sunoo had been standing right beside Ni-Ki, he also shed tears from the raw moment.

| @kimfox0624/Twitter 

Although ENHYPEN had an emotional time at their first offline concert, they had each other and fans to lean on.

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