Here’s How ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Takes Care Of His Mental Health Even With Busy Schedules

Do you do the same thing?

Many idols have busy schedules every day, so taking time off for themselves every now and then is essential for the good of their physical and mental health.


ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki recently talked about his self-care techniques in an interview with Weverse Magazine.

It must be important to take care of your body appropriately to keep on top of such a packed schedule.

— Weverse Magazine

In Ni-ki’s case, he enjoys having space for himself in the comforts of his home. The time he spends showering is also the time he has his thoughts all to himself. Doing this helps him recharge and prepare for the next day.

So I feel like I need to have time alone at home. These days I make time to take a really long shower or be alone and think. I think that way I can face the next day, too.

— Ni-ki

Whenever he’s in his own space, he concentrates on his task and doesn’t speak much, if at all. It’s a stark difference from when he’s surrounded by other people.

I like other people’s company so I’m kind of noisy when I’m with other people, but when I’m alone, I’m very quiet and concentrate on what I have on hand.

— Ni-ki


It’s great news that Ni-ki is taking care of his health!

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Source: Weverse Magazine