ENHYPEN Thinks Maknae Ni-ki Is Too Cute Trying Korean Tongue Twisters

How can he be so adorable?!

During Season 2 Episode 1 of ENHYPEN‘s latest show, ENHYPEN&Hi, the boys worked together and tackled tongue twisters for a prize.

Nothing was cuter than when the youngest member, Ni-ki, had to speak slowly to get them right!

The members couldn’t help but proclaim how cute his intense concentration was.

Jake was certain that being a foreigner made the challenge twice as difficult. Since Ni-ki is Japanese, he struggled more than the others.

Even Jay tried to level the playing field with a tongue twister in English…

…but what would really help Ni-ki is a Japanese question!

In the end, he continued to give it his all…

…with the endearing support of his hyungs by his side!

Check out the full first episode below.