ENHYPEN Reveals Ni-ki Doesn’t Just Ghost In The Group Chat—He Goes A Step Further

Few people do what Ni-ki does 😂

ENHYPEN recently sat down for a game of “Who’s Who” with BuzzFeed. In the process, fans learned about Ni-ki‘s interesting habit in their group chat!

The topic was brought up when they were asked, “Who is the most likely to ghost in the group chat?

Sunghoon himself said the question was “too easy” because everyone had only one person in mind—Ni-ki!

When it was time to pick, all fingers pointed at him, including his own.

One reason why he was chosen is because he doesn’t use the messaging app KakaoTalk to begin with.

He doesn’t even use KakaoTalk.

— Sunoo

The main reason, however, is because he removes himself from the group chat!

He just leaves the group chat.

— Jake

Sunoo explained that Ni-ki “just disappears,” while Sunghoon shared that he doesn’t even give an explanation before leaving.

Ni-ki just exits the chat if we text anything there.

— Sunghoon

Heeseung, on the other hand, used the opportunity to tell him that they’d prefer he ignore the chat instead of leave it.

We’d honestly rather you ghost us than just leave the chat.

— Heeseung

Cracking a joke, Jay laughingly said, “It’s not ghosting—he’s just gone.” Meanwhile, Ni-ki couldn’t refute anything and simply smiled as his members exposed his habit!

Get to know more about Ni-ki and ENHYPEN in the full video below.

Source: YouTube