“It’s A Fourth-Generation Revolution!” Netizens React To ENHYPEN’s Sexy Concept For The “Bite Me” Music Video

The choreography with the female dancers has sparked huge reactions!

On May 22, ENHYPEN released the music video for their new track “Bite Me,” and netizens can’t get over the more mature side of the members, with some “controversial” couple choreography with female dancers.

The members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

From the moment the second teaser was posted, netizens knew that the members were embracing a new concept with something more mature.

ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me” second teaser | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

When the teaser was first released, and it showed the members dancing with female backup dancers, some Korean netizens shared their “anger” about the physical contact seen.

Yet, international fans couldn’t have been more different, with many praising the new concept and how refreshing it was to see fourth-generation male idols dancing with females.

Before the video was officially shared with fans worldwide, even the members acknowledged that this comeback was much more mature.

After the actual video for “Bite Me” was posted, it wasn’t surprising that it gained over 1.5 million views in just under a few hours. The members shined with their unreal talent, visuals, and acting throughout the video as they immersed themselves in a dark concept.


In particular, the choreography with the female backing dancers caused a stir, with netizens loving a new side to the members. It fitted perfectly with the concept of the song, and the members showed an unrivaled chemistry with the female dancers they were paired with.


When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the darker, more mature, and sexier in every way.

If that wasn’t enough, the photos from the showcase show the members interacting with the female dancers, something that isn’t usually seen from fourth-generation idols.

While not everyone might appreciate the huge change in direction for ENHYPEN, netizens online couldn’t stop praising the members’ diversity and aura in the video.

You can read Korean netizens’ reactions below.

“2nd Gen Vibes” — Korean Netizens Are Absolutely In Love With ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me”



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