“2nd Gen Vibes” — Korean Netizens Are Absolutely In Love With ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me”

Sexy vampires FTW.

ENHYPEN recently dropped their latest track, “BITE ME.” A dark concept centered around the theme of vampires, the boys showcased a more mature vibe compared to their early works.

Sunoo served visuals despite the poor lighting.

Jungwon proved that he was the ace with his chorus.

The distinct pair choreography with female dancers gained attention for its bold direction.

Heeseung rocked the embellished jacket and grey hair.

Despite being the maknae, Niki served charisma.

Jake‘s golden blond hair made him look even more unreal.

Sunghoon looked ethereal — the very picture of a vampire!

Many praised the song itself for being good, with a fair yet unique structure. The rap, in particular, was named as the killing part that sweeps up attention. On the other hand, netizens were surprised at the company’s decision to go with a pair choreography with female dancers. Such choreography has not been seen commonly in K-Pop in the 3rd and 4th generation after fans grew more sensitive.

| theqoo
  • The song is good.
  • The song is too short. Although there are many songs these days that don’t even go up to 3 minutes, I think this is even shorter.
  • It’s great, though.
  • It has 2nd generation vibes. I think personally, both the song and the pair choreography are good. [Objectively] the song is great, but the pair choreography might be a little bit too much. It might be too worrying for the fans who have to watch every music show.
  • The rap in the middle? Anyway, I think that part is the killing part.
  • The song and MV are both good. There’s the 2nd generation and vampire vibes. It’s been a long time since my heart beats for a boy group concept…
  • The song is good. I’m not a fan but I think HYBE songs are my style. I’ve been only listening to LE SSERAFIM of late, and this is good too.
  • Remove the pair choreography.

Other comments are also clamoring for the pair choreography to be changed out during music show performances. Despite this, the song and concept are being praised highly, along with the boys for pulling off the sexy concept. Take a look at the music video for yourself below.

Source: theqoo