ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s English Skills Caused An Embarrassing Moment At The Airport

He made everyone laugh with the story of what happened.

Although ENHYPEN has a few members who are fluent in English, Sunghoon is among the ones who aren’t quite there yet. It ended up causing an embarrassing moment for the idol at an overseas airport.


The host of The K-Star Next Door, Jonathan, brought up a moment where Sunghoon appeared to flex the group’s popularity overseas. They all burst into laughter, prompting Sunghoon to explain what happened.

When ENHYPEN traveled to the US for a concert, an airport employee asked Sunghoon for information about his visa, like why he was visiting the country. Because he wasn’t fluent in English, Sunghoon didn’t understand them.

I think he was asking me why I was visiting the US. He was talking in English. I didn’t know what to say.

— Sunghoon

He decided to use one of the English phrases he knew. Sunghoon said, “So I said, ‘Do you know ENHYPEN?’ I asked that question.

Fortunately, luck was on his side because the employee happened to speak Korean. Making everyone laugh again, Sunghoon continued, “I guess he was frustrated or something. He ended up speaking Korean, ‘So where are you going?’

Though it seemed like Sunghoon was flexing ENHYPEN’s overseas popularity, he was only using the little bit of English he knew to communicate with the employee.


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