Get To Know ENHYPEN’s Iconic 02z Friendship — Sunghoon, Jay, and Jake

These three are friendship goals!

In a recent interview for Weverse Magazine, ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon introduced fans to the dynamic of the 02z, or members born in 2002, consisting of Jay, Jake, and himself.

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The boys quickly learned they can easily get along and share many interests and hobbies.

All three of us are really into fashion and we like hip hop, so we talk a lot about what’s new. Jake and Jay both like cooking, so they cook dinner or make us ramyeon.

— Sunghoon

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Recently, their three are bonding over their shared obsession of the popular Korean drama, Vincenzo.

And right now we’re really into the show Vincenzo. Jake and Jay started watching it first and kept telling me how good it was and that I have to watch it, so I caught up by watching the episodes in reverse order.

— Sunghoon

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When asked about who’s the leader of their unit, Sunghoon couldn’t help but chuckle and pick the one who created the idea in the first place.

*Laughs* Well I came up with the idea first, so I guess I’m the leader.

— Sunghoon

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Additionally, he gave the maknae position to Jay!

The youngest member has already been decided: it’s Jay. He hasn’t accepted it yet, but we already know the truth. *Laughs*

— Sunghoon

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02z have perfect chemistry together and fans love to see it!

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Source: Weverse Magazine