ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Mature Airport Fashion Is Getting All The Praise

“He’s visualing so hard these days…”

While most non-celebrities tend to prefer comfy, casual clothing when going on a flight, K-Pop airport fashion has become increasingly popular in terms of idols dressing up for the occasion. Given that many fans and media personnel show up to take photos of idols on their way to and in airports, it’s not uncommon to see them dressed to the nines even for a short flight.

Hanni (NewJeans)

Because of this, airports can almost seem like model runways when K-Pop idols are in them, and recently, an outfit worn by ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon caught a lot of positive attention due to his mature and handsome styling!

The idol was dressed in a dark suit and tie, paired with wire-rimmed glasses that complimented his strong eyebrows that fans are swooning over.

Sunghoon (ENHYPEN)

Sunghoon is already extremely handsome, so seeing him dressed in such a mature and sophisticated outfit understandably has a lot of ENHYPEN fans swooning.

It’s not often that even K-Pop idols wear such a formal outfit to the airport, but Sunghoon looks totally at ease in the fancy attire.

On a forum post discussing Sunghoon’s recent styling, other examples of his airport fashion tastes were shared as well, showing a similarly sophisticated vibe.

Here’s what netizens are saying regarding Sunghoon’s fashion choices!

What is your favorite type of airport fashion?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa