“Half-Vampire, Half-Wolf Manga Character Visuals” — ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Gains Attention For His Recent Handsome Looks

He’s every person’s dream boy!

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon has always been the visual of the group. During his debut era, fans fell in love with his pure, princely visuals. His nicknames included baek-gu (white puppy) and ice skating prince!

Sunghoon skating pre-debut.

Recently, he has been rising up in popularity for a different visual. He’s still as handsome as ever, but with an added nuance of maturity and darkness.

Many fans feel that he looks like he would belong in a fantasy genre manga.

Even in a potato quality cellphone picture, he still looks stunning.

This gorgeous, gorgeous man.

As he matured over the years, he developed a new type of charisma compared to his previous innocent charms.

From ice prince to the dark prince!

Fans have called him “the real-life existence of a vampire.

They also recognize that “while he has always been handsome, his recent visuals are off the charts.

We truly agree with all the comments!

Netizens’ comments. | Nate Pann
  • I always felt this, but he looks so luxurious.
  • Whenever I see Sunghoon’s face, I always have such baseless ambitions about a live-action of Dark Moon (webtoon). Ah, I shouldn’t be like this, but when I imagine him as a half-vampire, half-wolf character, my nose bleeds. The other members also suit the rest of the characters so well. He’s so pretty that I only can end up imagining like an otaku. I’m insane.
  • The face that makes me want to be exorcised. (That he looks like an exorcist fantasy character.)
  • His looks have been insane since the awards ceremony. I’m going nuts. What are they doing, not having a comeback?

We’d love to see him in a fantasy adaptation drama for sure!

Source: Nate Pann


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