ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Stuns With His Visuals IRL At “MANIFESTO IN BANGKOK” Concert

“The real prince.”

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon is well-known for his prince-like visuals, but fans were left shook after seeing how he looks in real life at the group’s most recent MANIFESTO world tour concert.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Sunghoon recently earned praise for his professionalism during ENHYPEN’s concert in Osaka, Japan. Despite battling illness, he still gave each performance his best effort, making it hard to even notice that he was not feeling well.

Since then, Sunghoon has commented that he is still not feeling well but has continued the tour strong.

In fact, one thing that has made it hard to tell how unwell he is is the fact that his visuals are still flawless.

ENHYPEN recently performed in Bangkok, Thailand, and, as expected, it was a worthwhile experience. The members made ENGENE proud with their prodigious talent and made sure to plan for some up and close interactions with the audience.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo (left) and Sunghoon (right)

This allowed ENGENE to see exactly how the members look in real life. The fans were blown away, with Sunghoon gaining instant praise for his unreal visuals.

But even from a distance, ENGENE couldn’t help but notice his charismatic aura…

…which lent that much more attention to his natural visuals.

He had everyone in a daze!

There was absolutely no doubt that he is a real-life fairytale prince.

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ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Professionalism Despite Sickness During Japan Concert Wins Praises


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