ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Professionalism Despite Sickness During Japan Concert Wins Praises

His efforts didn’t fail him.

On January 21 and 22, ENHYPEN had their first-ever dome concert in Osaka, Japan, for their MANIFESTO world tour. This was a milestone achievement for the group as they became the fastest fourth-generation K-Pop group to hold a dome concert.

ENHYPEN’s Osaka Concert | BELIFT LAB

During the concert, ENHYPEN performed around 20 songs, mesmerizing the audience with their beautiful live vocals and powerful dance performances. The group saw almost 80,000 attendees over the two days, making fans proud of how far they have come within just two years of debuting.

While ENEGEN couldn’t stop gushing about how all the members gave their 100% and more during the concerts, they showed some extra love to Sunghoon.


During the shows, Sunghoon mentioned that he had caught a cold and was visibly struggling to speak at times. Some fan videos also caught Sunghoon showing signs of weakness during the performance.

While his members were there to support him throughout, Sunghoon himself pulled it together like a seasoned professional. Despite knowing that fans would understand if he took a bit easy due to his health condition, the idol never failed to perform at his best.

In between performances, he also made sure to smile at fans and reassure them.

On the one hand, Sunghoon put in so much effort has won him praises for his professionalism, but on the other hand, fans can’t help feeling sad that he had to endure so much pain only to ensure ENGENEs were not worried about him during the concerts.

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann
  • “I saw it in an interview somewhere that he’s really good at bottling up things. It breaks my heart. And he really shows it with his personality, so I feel even worse for him.”
  • “The fact that he gave his all and tried his best makes me feel so touched. And his visual is very heart-touching too. “
  • “I f*cking started loving him after seeing him in concerts.”
  • “It looks like his voice changed completely, and his condition wasn’t very good either. But he tried so hard to keep the mood consistent and it’s f*cking commendable. I want to give him 5 stickers of praise.”
  • “Park Sunghoon’s real-life visuals are legendary.”

Wishing him a speedy recovery!


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