ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Surprises Fans With Unexpected Cameo In K-Drama “Mimicus”

“Are we really getting actor Park Sunghoon?!!”

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon took fans by surprise when his unexpected cameo in K-Drama Mimicus was spotted.

Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Mimicus follows a group of students at an art school who strive to prove they are ‘the real deal’ in a culture that does not seem to appreciate originality.

“Mimicus” poster | Naver NOW

ENHYPEN was sang the song “I Need The Light” for the show’s soundtrack, though the members’ appearance in the show was not anticipated. Yet, ENGENES did become suspicious of a potential ENHYPEN cameo when the first episode aired, especially after seeing some of the members’ names on a list.

But since nothing had been confirmed, most remained skeptical. Expectations of a real cameo were understandably low. Therefore, it took everyone completely by surprise when Sunghoon was recognized among the promotional material for episodes 2 and 3. ENGENES were incredulous over the fact that his cameo appeared to be truly real.

This was seemingly confirmed by the fact that in the picture that is now circulating online Sunghoon appears to be wearing the same school uniform as the cast members of Mimicus.

Fans couldn’t be more excited for the cameo, especially since it proves Sunghoon is a multi-talented king! As an already impressive idol and former figure-skater, Sunghoon is now adding acting to his repertoire.

Now ‘Actor Sunghoon’ is being hotly anticipated…

…and ENGENES are already formulating some theories as to who Sunghoon’s character may be.

And based on the list seen in episode 1, some believe that cameos from other ENHYPEN members could be possible, particularly Jay and Jake.

While the news has yet to be officially confirmed, ENGENES will find out soon enough when episodes 2 and 3 air!

Source: My Drama List