Fans Express Concern For ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon After A Hurtful Video Call Fansign Goes Viral

The video went viral with 1.5 million views.

A shockingly rude video call fan sign video for ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon is going viral on Twitter. In the call, the fan can be heard asking Sunghoon difficult questions while laughing with their friends.

Although the original post was already deleted by the OP, an angered fan (@guqvwiwkqmoi) screen-recorded the video and reposted it, reprimanding the OP.

When Sunghoon picked up the call, the OP seemed to make him uncomfortable with a tricky question.

  • Sunghoon: Yes!
  • OP: Yah, don’t you have anything to say to me?
  • Sunghoon: Anything…to say…?
  • OP: No, like you didn’t even say, “It’s been a long time” to me. You’re too much.
  • Sunghoon: What? What?
  • OP: Do you know who’s fan I am?
  • Sunghoon: Uh…mine?
  • OP: Don’t you remember me?

The OP not only made Sunghoon uncomfortable with their pressed questioning but also with their laughter. The OP also used their sub-account to curse him out.

| via @guqvwiwkqmoi/Twitter

I can only laugh emptily because he’s truly like an (r slur).

— tyule_

| via @guqvwiwkqmoi/Twitter

The other members were funny, but Park Sunghoon made my mood sour. An idiot who doesn’t recognize me.

— tyule_

Both tweets and the account have already been deleted. It seems that the OP was upset at Sunghoon for not recognizing them. Fans felt bad for Sunghoon, calling out the OP for being rude.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Gasp, why are they like that? They’re f*cking rude.
  • Ah, really, why are they like that? It makes me so upset.
  • Even as someone watching, I feel embarrassed for them.
  • They’re not in the right mind.
  • Disgusting…
  • I hope they never become anyone’s fan again.
  • The kids are slaves to others’ emotions. What will happen to their mental state?
  • I hope they manage the blacklist well.

Many netizens compared this to the skit that IVE‘s Wonyoung and Yujin did about fans who crossed the line. They acted out a scenario where a fan acted scarily because Yujin did not recognize them. The scenario hit a little close to home as netizens realized this was common for many idols.

A video call should be a special time between fan and idol and a space to connect genuinely. Although it is difficult to manage all the winners of the fan signs, fans hope that the company will consider the artist’s mental health and safety.

Source: theqoo