Netizens Believe ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Looks Completely Different In Real Life

This is what he ACTUALLY looks like.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon is going viral among netizens for his IRL visuals!

Some people, including idols, tend to look better in person than they do on camera. According to fans who have witnessed ENHYPEN in concert, Sunghoon perfectly fits this description.

Though he already appears stunning in videos and photos, even non-fans claim that he left a lasting impression on them with his gorgeous visuals after seeing him in person.

From his facial features to his model proportions, netizens claim his true beauty is the most striking when he’s standing right in front of you.

To be honest, even the pictures in this post don’t do him justice. I feel the unfairness for him, f*ck. If you saw Park Sunghoon in real life, his face is so small that there is no empty space at all. I went to their Music Bank recording back then and as soon as Park Sunghoon came in, people were chatting around me saying ‘What’s up with his proportions?’ and because he looked so different in the monitor and on screen, I was so upset. His handsomeness and aura cannot be conveyed.

— Netizen

Lower quality phone photos are not always flattering, but for Sunghoon, his handsome good looks shine through…

…and he looks like a prince straight out of a fairytale!

Those who have seen him in person attest to his legendary level of beauty. Additionally, netizens who have attended music shows such as Music Bank for other artists have shared their stories of falling for his visuals.

Hopefully, every Engene will be able to see the members in person at least once in their lifetime — and witness Sunghoon’s striking appearance for themselves!

Source: Nate Pann