ENHYPEN Sunoo’s Friends Knew Since Elementary School That He’d Debut As A K-Pop Idol—Here’s Why

They weren’t surprised when he debuted in ENHYPEN!

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo is the type of person who is friends with everybody and passionately chases after his dreams. He was recently interviewed by Weverse Magazine, where he explained why his friends think highly of him.

Hearing that, the interviewer asked, “What do they say to you now?

Sunoo cheerfully admitted that they call him “amazing.” Ever since he was in elementary school, he used to tell his classmates that he was going to become a celebrity.

They tell me I’m amazing. (laughs) But I always told everyone in my elementary school that I would become a celebrity.

— Sunoo

Childhood photo of Sunoo
Childhood photo of Sunoo

They had full confidence that he would achieve his dream, so they weren’t shocked at all when it actually happened!

My friends weren’t particularly surprised when I debuted.

— Sunoo


They said things like, I always knew you could do it,” Sunoo added with a laugh. It’s admirable that he was able to achieve his lifelong dream!

Apart from talking about his friends, Sunoo also looked back on his teenage years and revealed what he would have changed about it. Check it out here:

If ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Could Redo His Teenage Years, He’d Change One Thing About It

Source: Weverse Magazine