ENHYPEN Sunoo’s Schoolmates Think Highly Of Him, And It Has Nothing To Do With Being A K-Pop Idol

Here’s what they love about him.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo has been praised by childhood friends and schoolmates for his kindhearted personality. He was called a “really kind and good friend” who isn’t just pretty-looking but also has many talents!

Sunoo | @ENHYPEN_MEMBERS/Twitter

Recently, Sunoo talked about his school life in an interview with Weverse Magazine. They brought up the time his high school friends wished him a happy birthday, asking what he feels about those days.

I imagine your friends at school must’ve loved that about you. In a ‘-note,’ you talked about the time in your first year of high school that your friends called up to your house and wished you a happy birthday. How do you feel when you think about those times?

— Weverse Magazine

Sunoo fondly reminisced on that time, saying, “That was back when I became someone who could have just a single friend and not worry about a thing in the world.”


He explained that he was the type of person to get along with everybody. He wasn’t afraid to talk to people he didn’t know, and he even played pranks on others. He “felt at ease around everyone,” and they surely felt the same way about him!

I wasn’t shy, I talked to other students I didn’t know, I played embarrassing pranks, and felt at ease around everyone. (laughs)

— Sunoo

Sunoo credits that time as the reason why he is thought of highly by his schoolmates. It didn’t matter who the person was—he could easily become their friend.

I think that’s why most of my friends thought highly of me and I could become fast friends with anyone.

— Sunoo

Concluding, he added, “I met some good friends through all kinds of different experiences.”


Source: Weverse Magazine