ENHYPEN Sunoo’s Reaction To aespa’s Winter Accidentally Taking Their Trophy Is Priceless

Both of them couldn’t hide their funny reactions.

While the 2021 Asia Artist Awards gave idols a chance to reunite with their friends, it also created a funny moment between rookie groups ENHYPEN and aespa.

Sunoo | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

When Winter mixed up the groups’ trophies, Sunoo‘s reaction was the icing on the cake for the adorably awkward moment.


Ready to accept their awards, Aespa and ENHYPEN took the stage to claim their trophy. There was one funny problem.

Soon after picking one up, Winter realized it belonged to ENHYPEN—since each trophy is engraved with their group name. Although Winter quickly put it back in its proper spot and grabbed the correct one, Sunoo had seen it all.

With a shy smile, Winter didn’t waste any time picking up their trophy and speeding off. In fact, she left so quickly that Sunoo couldn’t help but notice.

Making the moment funnier, Sunoo reacted with such a funny face when picking up their trophy that fans were loving it.

From Winter’s adorable mix-up and how cutely she tried to fix it, to Sunoo’s priceless reactions, MYs and ENGENEs wanted even more of the unexpectedly funny interaction. Most of all, congratulations to ENHYPEN and aespa on their wins.

Source: Twitter