ENHYPEN’s Sunoo And TEMPEST’s Hanbin Have The Best Reunion At The “2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon”

They went all out.

From their time on the survival show I-LAND, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo and TEMPEST‘s Hanbin were one of the many friendships on the show. They’ve now shared another memorable moment as they reunited again at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon (also known as the SBS Music Awards).

Hanbin and Sunoo. | @TPST_twt/Twitter

As TEMPEST and ENHYPEN passed each other on stage, Hanbin greeted them with hugs and handshakes. When it was Sunoo’s turn, Hanbin wasn’t quite ready to let go.

Keeping hold of Sunoo’s hand, Hanbin encouraged his friend to spin around the stage with him.

It was such a happy moment for the two idols that both of them wore bright smiles. The fun didn’t stop there for them, either.

For those wanting to see even more from them, Hanbin and Sunoo delivered.

| @TPST_twt/Twitter

They snapped a few photos together and uploaded them to TEMPEST’s Twitter.

| @TPST_twt/Twitter

See the happy reunion between Sunoo and Hanbin here.


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