ENHYPEN Take Over Local News Outlets After Attending Prada Fashion Show In Milan, Proving Their Insane Impact

They left the local media in shock!

There is no question that ENHYPEN absolutely ruled the Prada menswear show at Milan Fashion Week, and nothing proves it like the coverage they received from Italian media after the show.

ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

The members all attended the Prada Fall Winter 23 Menswear Fashion Show, where it quickly became evident that they were the main event. They had everyone charmed not only with their visuals and gentlemanly manners, but with their wholesome interactions with the show’s other guests as well.

Despite the prominent names in attendance, ENHYPEN still managed to draw the biggest crowd. Sunghoon had expressed hopes of seeing at least one ENGENE before the show, only for ENGENES to make up the majority of the fans outside.

In fact, the impact ENHYPEN made was so large that fashion media outlets couldn’t help but praise them in the ensuing coverage. According to Vogue Runway, there were at least 7k fans gathered outside the Fondazione Prada, many of whom had waited there since dawn.

| Vogue Runway

Fans expressed pride in the praise heaped upon ENHYPEN…

…especially since it was clear that the group had taken over local media as well. Multiple Italian newspapers reported on the splash made by ENHYPEN, including Panorama, Milano, and Corriere della Sera, which is one of Italy’s oldest news publications.

The members also made it into the national TV news!

What’s more, in addition to the extensive news coverage, ENHYPEN also proved to have the biggest social media engagement. Fans pointed out that Prada’s tweet about the group is now their second most-liked tweet ever.

And their live stream of the event drew more than 10 times the amount of viewers that Prada had…

…reaching up to 130k viewers.

ENGENE may not be surprised by the influence exhibited by ENHYPEN, but they’ll definitely be proud!

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ENHYPEN Attend Prada Fashion Show In Milan — And Turn Into The Main Event

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