ENHYPEN Tops Oricon Single Chart With Japanese Debut Album

Congrats to the boys!

K-Pop idol group ENHYPEN topped the Oricon Daily Singles Chart with their first Japan debut single and proved the power of fourth generation idols. According to Oricon, ENHYPEN’s first Japanese debut single, BORDER: Hakanai, sold 150,254 copies and topped the Oricon Daily Single Chart.

Previously, they established their position in the Japanese market as their debut Korean album, BORDER : DAY ONE, topped the Daily Album Chart and Weekly Album Chart. With their second mini album, BORDER : CARNIVAL, they topped the Weekly Album Chart for two weeks in a row.

On the other hand, ENHYPEN’s first Japanese debut single includes the Japanese version of “Given-Taken” and “Let Me in (20 CUBE) as well as their original song, “Forget Me Not.”

Source: osen