ENHYPEN And TXT’s Yeonjun Tear Up The Stage With First Live “Blockbuster” Performance

Yeonjun and ENHYPEN turned into rockstars for the stage.

TXT‘s Yeonjun excited fans by featuring on “Blockbuster” from ENHYPEN‘s first full-length album DIMENSION : DILEMMA and recently fulfilled another one of fans’ wishes.


Now the two artists have driven everyone crazy by finally performing it live for HYBE Labels‘ 2022 Weverse Con.

Jay and TXT’s Yeonjun. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Since ENHYPEN and TXT both performed at the concert, it was the perfect chance to perform together. As soon as “Blockbuster” started, Yeonjun opened the song with his signature charisma, enhanced by the dark lighting.

Yeonjun nailed his rap parts smoothly and confidently, making everyone fall for his high energy and amazing performance skills. Yeonjun wasn’t the only one who stole the show, though.

Despite being rookies, the members of ENHYPEN didn’t hold back and turned into rockstars as they nailed the rock-inspired song.

Not only did every member show off their skills as vocalists, but they also nailed high notes and falsettos that gave fans chills.

For an ENHYPEN and TXT stage that’s been so highly anticipated, they more than delivered. Watch the performance that had ENGENEs and MOAs going wild here.