TXT’s Yeonjun Set To Feature On ENHYPEN’s Upcoming Album — Here Are 10+ Of The Most Relatable Reactions

It’s already a certified bop!

Fans of ENHYPEN and TXT were in for a huge surprise when BELIFT LAB posted the track listing for DIMENSION : DILEMMA!

Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Within the list are songs like “Tamed-Dashed,” the title track, as well as a song titled “Blockbuster” (Korean title “Like an action movie”) that features none other than TXT’s YeonjunNi-ki has spoken about wanting to work with Yeonjun before, and it seems like the time is finally here.

| @BELIFTLAB/Twitter

The members of ENHYPEN revealed that they worked with a TXT member early in September but they didn’t disclose just which member it was until now!

MOAs and ENGENEs immediately started sharing their excitement online. “Feat YEONJUN” trended on Twitter shortly after the tracklist was posted. Here are some totally relatable reactions to the news!

1. The possibilities are endless

2. 4th Gen It Boy Things

3. Yeonjun’s literally everywhere

4. So much going on

5. What can’t he do?

6. “I’m crying!!!”

Heeseung and TXT trained together, and though Heeseung wasn’t selected for TXT’s final line-up, he totally earned his place as a member of ENHYPEN — and he had the TXT members rooting for him the whole time!

7. Future collabs and projects

Some MOAs have been talking about the possibilities for Yeonjun to release solo music or collaborate with other artists in the future! He’s a huge fan of DEAN and has spoken about wanting to work with him. And since DEAN recently talked about working on new music, maybe it’ll be sooner than we think!

DIMENSION : DILEMMA will be released on October 12, 2021. It’s already a massive success, having sold over 600,000 copies through just preorders! Read more about their comeback concept below.

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Source: Twitter
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