TXT’s Reactions To Their “I-LAND” Friend Finally Making His Debut Are Priceless

Yeonjun was proud to see his friend’s success right before his eyes.

The survival show that many have been tuning into weekly has finally reached its end. After watching the ups and downs of the trainees, I-LAND now has its seven members for its final group ENHYPEN.

Among the ones chosen, the members of TXT were super happy to see a familiar face make it into the final lineup.


The first trainee to be selected for the group was none other than a Big Hit Entertainment trainee. It was the talented Lee Heeseung. As soon TXT heard him being announced, they were excited.

With a bright smile for the celebratory moment, Taehyun wouldn’t stop clapping. Yeonjun‘s reaction was more laid-back but just as enthusiastic.

Yeonjun smiled proudly at seeing Lee Heeseung succeed. His facial expression showed just how pleasantly surprised he’d been to see all of his efforts pay off. The moment was made sweeter because he was a precious friend to them.

Before TXT debuted, Lee Heeseung had trained with the group but hadn’t managed to make it into the debut team. With his upcoming debut in ENHYPEN, he’s made his own path and will finally be able to join them on the idol path.

Congratulations to Lee Heeseung on finally achieving his dream. See how happy TXT had been for him upon seeing the exciting news.