“I-LAND” Trainee Opens Up About Seeing His Friends In TXT Debut Without Him

It was a bit of a rough time for Lee Heeseung.

As soon as I-LAND was announced, the show had everyone interested in what it would be. After the recent airing of the very first episode of the survival show, fans were even more curious and emotional than before.

One of the moments that caught attention was Big Hit Entertainment trainee Lee Heeseung, who opened up about training beside the members of TXT.

When Lee Heeseung appeared on screen, Zico couldn’t hide how impressed he was with his visuals, “Oh, this one. He looks so handsome.” He wasn’t the only one, either.

Rain revealed that he was just as impressed. He also noted how long Lee Heeseung had been training, “Wait, he is my style as well. He has the longest training period of them all.”

This prompted Bang Si Hyuk to explain that he’s a trainee from his company, “He’s been training with us for three years.” Naturally, Lee Heeseung was able to talk about what he’d experienced during that period.

At the time Lee Heeseung joined the company, he spent his time training alongside TXT as they prepared for their debut. “When I first got into Big Hit Entertainment, there was a debut group called TXT. We trained for a long time together.” Since they spent those years together, they became close.

Because he was friends with all of the members, he wanted to celebrate their dream coming true with sincerity. The fact that he was experiencing his own troubles prevented him from doing so, “I should’ve been glad to congratulate them. But, I was having a hard time.”

Although he couldn’t break through to become a member of TXT and be alongside his friends, he can still make them proud and achieve his dream through I-LAND. “My goal here is to definitely make my debut. I’ll put my everything into it.”

Seeing those who you’ve trained with go on to achieve the same dream you’re striving toward could be bittersweet, especially if you’re close to them. With his appearance on the show and the fact that he’s still working toward his dream, he can now face his friends sincerely. In fact, TXT are probably cheering him on.

See Lee Heeseung talk about how it felt to see his friends in TXT make their debut and his determination to make that same dream come true for himself.