Fans Enraged Over ENHYPEN’s Treatment From “Unprofessional” Airport Staff

From mobbing the boys to being unprofessional during a pat-down.

ENHYPEN was in the Philippines recently for their MANIFESTO tour. The boys pulled off a successful show to the applause of fans. Amidst the post-show high that ENGENES are riding, a video has cropped up on social media, drawing the ire of fans.

In the video, an airport staff is seen to be doing her job, checking the boys for potential danger. She also asks them to lower their mask.

The problem that fans found was; first, most airports do not require passengers to lower their masks at this stage of the proceedings. Usually, one lowers the mask to verify identity either at the boarding gate or before entry into the departure hall. Next, fans claim that the person recording the video was another member of the airport staff, demonstrating unprofessional behavior.

Lastly, the security staff in question was seen smiling and giggling in between pat-downs. Fans wondered if she was a fan that took the opportunity to abuse her authority and job. Besides that, the other staff at the airport had lined up just to see the boys. The area was a restricted one for passengers only, and airport staff had access to it as workers. Fans are upset that the staff abused their job access to “mob the boys.”

Clearly uniformed workers also waved at the boys as they videoed the entire security process.

Enraged ENGENES are calling for the company and promoter to take action against the behavior of the airport staff.

They have also been making public complaints to the airport to educate the staff as this is allegedly not the first time it has happened.

As many of the members are still young and Niki is a minor, fans are extremely sensitive to the matter. Violation of physical space and privacy are serious issues that should be taken to heart, especially by staff who are bound by their job to work with discretion.

The Manila airport has yet to give a statement.