Enjoycouple’s LaLa Meets Her Bias Suho For The First Time, And Her Reaction Is Super Relatable

Lala is in tears upon meeting her bias, EXO’s Suho

An  EXO-L since the beginning, YouTuber Lala from enjoycouple has the most relatable reaction to meeting her bias EXO‘s Suho in person for the first time.

enjoycouple is Lala and her boyfriend Min Soo‘s YouTube channel that mostly puts out content on mukbangs (eating broadcasts) and pranks, but no matter the content, the loving relationship the two have with each other is always showcased. With 2.25 million subscribers, the couple has gone viral many times, and they’ve even worked with other artists like NCT Dream.

In their most recent update, the channel posted a video of the two meeting Suho for the first time, who has been Lala’s bias in EXO from the beginning.

Min Soo (right) and Lala (left) | enjoycouple/YouTube

Right from the start of the video, Lala was in tears. Any fan would stress over how they would look and act when they meet their idol in person, and Lala was no different.

| enjoycouple/YouTube

Lala had been a fan since EXO’s debut, and it was thanks to their videos that she was able to find comfort and support during her college years.

I wanted to be a celebrity and be on camera because I wanted to meet EXO.

— Lala

| enjoycouple/YouTube

When they met in the radio station waiting room, Lala was overcome with shyness, and the entire time she interacted with Suho, she couldn’t even look at him in the eye (TT).

| enjoycouple/YouTube
| enjoycouple/YouTube
| enjoycouple/YouTube

Though Lala hadn’t met anyone from EXO before this, she proved to be a lucky fan because Suho recognized her and admitted to having watched the couple’s reaction videos to EXO on their channel. Lala and Min Soo also had the cutest reaction when told that Suho mentioned them on air.

After expressing her thanks and love for Suho through a few short words and a lot of tears, the fan and idol went their separate ways. And while Lala later showed regret for being so nervous and crying in front of her bias, she was grateful for the opportunity to speak with Suho and will forever cherish her signed album of Grey Suit that Suho gifted her.

You can watch the full video on their interaction here.