CEO of an Entertainment Agency Suspected of Sexually Exploiting the Women Under His Management

The CEO is being investigated for coercing a woman to hold broadcasts naked.

Korean news outlet Jungang Ilbo has reported that Seoul Gangseo Police Station is currently investigating an entertainment agency regarding the suspicion of sexual exploitation.

Ms. A—a woman in her 20s who had worked as an online streamer in the past—reported the CEO of the entertainment agency, Mr. B, for fraud and coercion. According to Ms. A, Mr. B approached her back on December 18 and convinced her to sign with his agency.

The agency really exists, and I’ll provide you with our company’s management.

— Mr. B

Ms. A also testified that Mr. B promised her she could make up to ₩30.0 million KRW (about $25,500 USD) a month by talking to viewers without taking off her clothes.

But as soon as she signed the contract, he turned back on his word.

Mr. B reportedly told Ms. A that she had to strip for the viewers if she wanted to make that kind of money, showed her an example, and told her to only wear her underwear while conducting sexual behavior in front of the camera.

Ms. A claims that, upon finding out that she once worked at an adult entertainment establishment, Mr. B used that to target her as a victim. And when Ms. A tried to back out of the contract, Mr. B threatened her with remarks such as “I’ll fight you” and “I’ll ruin your life“.

As a result of the harassment, Ms. A is currently suffering from hair loss, digestive problems, and social phobia. She also suffered from having her personal information being leaked during a broadcast.

The bigger problem is that Ms. A wasn’t Mr. B’s only victim. The police are undergoing investigation with the suspicion that there are more victims to be revealed.

Source: Jungang Ilbo

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