Entertainment Agency Behind One of the I.O.I Members Suspected of Manipulating the Votes for “Produce 101”

Two high-ranking officials of the agency have been sent over to prosecution.

The police have sent two high-ranking officials of an entertainment agency over to the prosecution for suspicions of manipulating the votes of Produce 101 Season 1 using a borrowed name ID.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Investigation Unit reported that CEO B and Executive C of Entertainment Agency A, which participated in Produce 101 Season 1, have been sent over to the prosecution for obstruction of business.


This suspicion first came into light while Donga Ilbo reported on the initial suspicions of voting manipulation in Produce 101.

According to a person in connection to Agency A, CEO B, and Executive C called upon the employees, managers, and trainees in March 2016 and handed out required IDs and material pertaining to voting for Produce 101.

Furthermore, CEO B used borrowed IDs and instructed two of his trainees to focus on voting.

It’s been reported that each person used around 1400 borrowed IDs for voting.

 Produce 101 Season 1 used an online voting system to pick a total of 11 artists to debut through I.O.I.

One of the two trainees that participated in Produce 101 Season 1 was selected as a final debut member of I.O.I.


Source: The Qoo and Donga