[★BREAKING] Entertainment Company CEO Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Female Trainees

The CEO of an entertainment agency was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting teenage female trainees.

Mr. Kim (32), the CEO of Entertainment company “P” was arrested in June under charges of sexually assaulting a 17 year old trainee. He allegedly grabbed her breasts in June 2015 and forced sexual acts on her in September of the same year.

After investigations, police discovered that 5 other females could also have been victims of sexual assault.

He allegedly committed sexual assault on a 19 year old female trainee in September 2015 and locked up another trainee after confiscating her cellphone.

To deter the girls from reporting him to the authorities, he reportedly emphasized that his father was a retired Chief Of Police and threatened that they would have to pay a few hundred million KRW (a few hundred thousand USD) in penalties if they left the agency.

Source: No Cut News, Wikitree, Yonhap News

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