EPEX Celebrates 50 Days Since Debut And Reveals Official Fandom Name

Congrats to the boys!

K-pop idol group EPEX recently held a Naver live broadcast to celebrate their 50th day since debut. It was during this live stream that they also announced the official fandom name. During the broadcast, they also shared that although they wanted to film with all eight members, the 03 liners could not participate as they recently received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Wish commented, “It’s been a little less than two months, but it makes me think, have we been doing this for two months? I feel like a 100 days, a year will go by really fast.” Baek Seung added, “Is it even possible to express in words? I hope our fans love and stay with us for the next 500 years.”

As a special gift, the group revealed the official fandom name to be ZENITH. They explained that fan club name means, “Reaching the highest peak of 8 EPEX members together with the fans.”

Source: sedaily