Epik High’s And Suga’s “Eternal Sunshine” Experienced A Major iTunes Error

Fans heard two very different songs on Spotify and iTunes.

“Eternal Sunshine”, the highly anticipated collaboration between Epik High and BTS‘s Suga is here, but its release didn’t quite go as planned.


On March 11, Epik High dropped sleepless in ________ at 6 PM KST. The album features a number of star collaborators, including Suga. Suga assisted in the arrangement and composition of the song “Eternal Sunshine”, a song that about overcoming loneliness and anxiety.

“Do you get lonely / Sick with anxiety / Can’t trust nobody / Well same here”

Eternal Sunshine


The song was released on Spotify and iTunes. The Spotify release went smoothly, but fans discovered that a completely different song had been uploaded on iTunes.


Instead of “Eternal Sunshine”, “Kung” by Youra played.


Epik High’s Tablo addressed the error on Twitter, questioning how such a mistake could be made. He hoped that the error would be fixed soon, if it hadn’t been already.


Thankfully, Apple Music was quick to correct the mistake and “Eternal Sunshine” can now be heard of all platforms. Check out the preview here: