Epik High’s Tablo Had The Sweetest Reaction To Finding Out Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is A Fan

Bang Chan is a successful fan!

Episode 114 of Chan’s Room recently aired. It is the weekly live broadcast hosted by Stray Kids Bang Chan in which he plays song recommendations from STAYs as well as his own recommendations. Oftentimes, it results in many relatable fanboy moments as Bang Chan plays songs of some of his favorite artists.

Recently, Epik High‘s Tablo posted an Instagram Reel, advertising Epik High’s “Rain Song” featuring Colde. He also used Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” in the video, which made lots of fans excited.

  • “EPIK HIGH X SKZ lezzgoooooo”
  • “can we expect skz x epik high collaboration? 😱”
  • “My favs omgggg pls collab with 3racha and stray kids”
  • “3Racha x EPIK HIGH Collaboration 🔥 Please!!!”
  • “Please do a collaboration with stray kids!”

As a result, during the new episode of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan played Epik High’s “Rain Song” featuring Colde, followed by their song “Love Story” featuring IU. Clearly, he is a big fan of the group!

In case we couldn’t tell already, he also revealed his reaction to Tablo using Stray Kids’ song in his video. He then talked a little bit about how much he loves and respects Epik High, particularly Tablo.

I couldn’t believe it. I’m also a really big fan of Tablo sunbaenim and for them to, you know, know we exist… It’s just a different feeling ’cause I’ve been a big fan of Epik High ever since… before I came to Korea, ever since I was in Australia. It’s a different story. This is different.

— Bang Chan

If using Stray Kids’ song wasn’t enough to make this fanboy happy, his idol has now responded! STAYs tagged Tablo’s Twitter with clips from Chan’s Room, letting him know Bang Chan is a big fan and that he wants to collab with them in the future. Tablo then retweeted one of the STAYs’ tweets, expressing his gratitude for Bang Chan and a sweet compliment for the entire group.

This wouldn’t be the first time Bang Chan became a successful fan! Who can forget his newfound friendship with his hero Ryan Reynolds?

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