Epik High’s Tablo Hilariously Tells The “Story” Behind Their Band Name, With The Help Of SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

Tablo “dished” on how they came up with the name “Epik High”!

Epik High‘s Tablo had the most hilarious reaction to a clip of SEVENTEEN roaming the internet!


In one of the episodes of SEVENTEEN’s Going Seventeen show, the group recently played the “scream in silence” game, and a hilariously good time together!

For one of the rounds, the words they had to say to pass was “apple mango” and as it went from Jun to Jeonghan

…and then from a very confused Mingyu (who said “apple pie”) to Hoshi, who completely misunderstood the word and excitedly screamed “Epik High”!

After seeing this clip of SEVENTEEN being their hilarious selves as usual, Tablo tweeted out an equally funny response to it!

this is basically an accurate replay of when we came up with our name


Netizens are cracking up at this “story” behind Epik High’s name!

  • No, why do you like it so much hahahahaha
  • LOL
  • Why are you so excited hahahahahaha

You can watch the episode here!

Source: The Qoo